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               Our Chef attended Celia Institute of Culinary Arts in Cordoba, Argentina, his native state.  Shortly after graduating he left all that was familiar and dear to him to pursue a career in the United States.  Since moving to New Orleans in 2005, Matias has worked his way up from a line cook, Sous Chef, kitchen manager to Chef de Cuisine.  He has also hosted adult and children’s cooking classes, cooked as a personal chef, and catered many parties in his spare time.

                Matias grew up with an entrepreneur spirit, thanks to the example given by his family.  He has always had a passion for eating and making pizza.  It was not until after the tragic loss of his mother and father that Matias decided it was time to leave the comfort of a steady job and open his own business to live out his parent’s legacy.    

                After many months of research it became apparent of the unique opportunities that a mobile pizzeria presented.  The possibilities were endless. Thus NOLA mia! was born!

                Upon becoming a proud American citizen, Chef Matias had always desired to give back to the community that had so graciously given him innumerable opportunities.  Now was his time to share his immense passion for cooking. 

                Our Chef promises to deliver only the freshest and finest ingredients, the boldest flavors and optimum hospitality and customer service.  We invite you to experience a pizza like no other.  You’ll be sure to exclaim “NOLA Mia!”

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